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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Report from the Field #2

A teacher named Howie reports:

A word or two on the Teacher Hiring Center application process: Since June I've applied to over 20 schools on line; I've not had a single inquiry from them.  Not one!

Am I employable? At the school I was excessed from in June I was a member of the Inquiry Team, advisor to several clubs, originator of a successful book give-away,  licensed in two different subjects, the initiator of three Advanced Placement classes, had a  passing rate of over 90% on the Global Regents exam, success on the AP exams and described as an excellent teacher repeatedly.

But despite all that, or perhaps because of it, I have not had a single interview since using the system!


  1. Because you see, with team Bloomberg, it is not about the kids, it's about numbers. Your salary and age, and let's face it, your intelligence, make you dangerous to the widget factory overlords. I am deeply sorry and it is time for principals to lose control of their budgets if they misuse them by not hiring the best.

  2. Thanks, I went to the job fair yesterday at the Brooklyn Museum. At several tables I asked interviewers at schools I applied to on line if they used that system at all. They reluctantly admitted they really hadn't used it at all.

    Good news, I helped one of my student teachers get a job while I perused the tables. Bad news, there were a lot fewer tables than in early August, even fewer positions and schools that were listed as having openings On the DOE website were not even present.

    Several people like me were bummed out by the situation we are in. After making six circuits of the room and dropping off resumes at tables for schools I'd already applied to on line or at the last job fair I realized I was up against Walcott's version of three card monte. And I do not wish to play.
    Looks like it will be the ATR life for me this year.