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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Report from the Field #1

A teacher named Sally reports:

I just was informed yesterday that I am in excess. I was done dirty. They took my classes, put them under a different code and voila...a 16-year veteran teacher is out of a job and a brand new teacher with 2 weeks experience is teaching my classes! It is so frustrating that the union can not or will not do anything to help me. Their answer: the principal is allowed to change the codes of classes. Seems like we have no rights at all! I wish I could leave this system but I am a single mom with a family to support. What to do???


  1. I'm sorry to hear what they did. Please do not take it personally. As a 16 year veteran that you are, the school and principal were tired of paying your salary. I am with you and wish I could leave the system also, but with a mortgage, wife etc, I just can't do it. It is a shame that people get in this for the right reasons(educate kids, passion for teaching, teamwork and to give back to society), but in the end, it is a job where paychecks, benefits, TDA and time off are what keep you going. I am thankful that the union has the no layoff clause, but the ATR system is a waste of such financial resources.

    Stay strong!

  2. I am convinced that there are budget games afoot to find ways to get senior teachers off the payroll while keeping the young, cheap ones. The three other Reading teachers excessed with me were MUCH more senior than I - two have retired and the other only has about 2 -3 yrs left. I was plainly told that the department was eliminated because the three above me were at or close to top salary and it was an easy way to save big money.

    It also explains why I keep finding people my age and older at the "job fairs" and when I am sent to a school as an ATR, all the classroom teachers are under 30.

    I am not a single parent, so I cannot imagine the extra stress that brings, but I am the health insurance carrier of the family and the prospect of losing that, along with the other benefits, is frightening.

  3. I am pretty sure that we will not lose our jobs, we will just most likely never land a position. In my opinion, if the union lets the ATR go, then seniority is gone and you may as well give everything else back.

  4. I think it is time for the UFT to take a stand and publicize this for what it is--age discrimination.

    Digusting. Happened to me in Arizona as well. Now, they are asking me to consider returning to my position. No thanks.