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Monday, August 22, 2011

THE WEEK'S LINKS 8/21-27/2011

* Two Teachers and a Microphone rap Arne Duncan and nominate Diane Ravitch for Secretary of Education.

* 1,040 Teachers in the Absent Teacher Reserve (ATR) as of August 19, 2011.

* A New Approach to School Discipline: Criminal Prosecution.

* Due to budget cuts, a record number of teachers have been in the Absent Teacher Reserve this summer.

* Bloomberg's two-pronged attack on working mothers, at Bloomberg LLP and at the DOE.  New York City Eye

More reports of cheating on standardized tests in NYC.  NY Daily News

Charter schools admit it: they have fewer English Language Learners and fewer children with disabilities.  NY Daily News

The ATR crisis grows, together with class sizes.  Chaz's School Daze

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