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Thursday, July 7, 2011

"Voice of the People" Strikes Again

Once again, a letter to the editor of the New York Daily News hits the nail on the head.   This time, it's a teacher named Janet Ryan who understands that members of the Absent Teacher Reserve (ATR) are teachers, who could help the DOE "put children first"--if they were given the chance.

Here is Ms. Ryan's letter: 

I am a veteran teacher at Public School 47 in Broad Channel. Last week, our budget was cut by $290,000. My principal announced, with tears in her eyes, that she will need to excess four teachers from an already bare-necessity staff of 15. They will not be laid off, but will go into the district's absent teacher reserve pool and be used as permanent subs. Does this make sense? Just add this money that the education department will be spending anyway, to our school budget. Is there anyone out there who can help us keep our four excellent teachers?

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