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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Breaking News: An ATR teacher finds a job!

An ATR teacher we know has found a permanent teaching position in the New York City public schools.  

This teacher had been a member of the Absent Teacher Reserve (ATR) since he was excessed from his original school in September, 2008.  In his three years of exile, he did what many others have done:

*he attended numerous job fairs, few of which had any openings in his license area;
*he applied for hundreds of positions on the DOE's online Open Market Hiring System;
*he was interviewed tens of times, often for positions that would have required him to switch to a different license area and return to probation; 
*he served as a substitute in three different schools, usually receiving little or no support from administration, but always receiving a Satisfactory rating at the end of the school year;
*he cringed whenever the Mayor or the Chancellor threatened to fire all the ATRs;
*he worried that this coming year, 2011-2012, he might be shifted from school to school on a weekly basis.

This particular teacher recently had the good fortune to find a regular position.  It is in a location that will necessitate considerable commuting, and it is in a special program that some would consider undesirable.

Nonetheless, this teacher is thrilled and grateful to have found a position.  He is none other than yours truly, the one who goes by the aliases NYCATR, brooklynatr, and Joseph Moses.

For the moment, he plans to continue this blog, but he needs help.  He will no longer be on the ATR front line.  He needs ATRs to contribute by email (at and by comments to the blog.  

Anyone out there??


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