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Sunday, July 10, 2011

"Absent Teacher Reserve" is a misleading name

Kudos to someone going by the name of 43rd@43rd for pointing out that the name Absent Teacher Reserve (ATR) is misleading.

The members of this sorry group are not the ones who are absent; I, for one, have over 40 days in my "bank" of unused sick days and personal days.

Nor are the members of this group being held in reserve.  Are we like a military reserve, working at civilian jobs or lounging at a base while others fight the war?  No, we are out on the front lines of teaching just like all other teachers.  Our only unique feature is that we go to battle with one hand tied behind our back: no schedule, no class lists, no curriculum, no grades with which to motivate, little or no support from administration.  

This coming year, many of us will have our second hand twisted and tied behind our back: we will be moved from school to school on a weekly basis. We won't be absent, but we might be late sometimes, trying to find our way to a new school each week.

At least one part of our name is accurate: TEACHER.


  1. I am wondering if there are any atrs' who are angry enough to file an action against the union and doe for their treatment of senior teachers placed in this pool of harassment to get us to leave.I for one have about had it with all the lip service given us and the bogus job fairs.No one wants us because of our salaries, ego age. Please contact me.
    If they want us to leave then pay us out.Do not push us from site to site with the premise that if a principal gets to know you, you'll be hired is nonsense.When are we going to band together to stop this madness.

  2. Senior Psychologist, who is older and white is in excess because he was born in the USA and only speaks English. His school was changed to Spanish during the clustering process. He was replaced by a Spanish speaking recent young Hispanic graduate. The students at his school all spoke English and are in English speaking classes. UFT was no help. There is age and race discrimination going on in the NYC schools.

  3. School Psychologists are alos in ATR Pool

  4. Come to the GEMATR Committee meeting Oct. 20 at the Skylight Diner 34th St and 9th Ave - 5pm.

  5. ATRs are being treated like second class citizens. Most are senior teachers whose schools closed. Why doesn't the UFT help us?
    Bloomberg would like to get rid of the ATRs in order to save money. Most are on higher salaries. Whatever happened to tenure and senority in the nycdoe? We are being thrown under the bus. Will the UFT save us if we get a new contract?

  6. As an senior ATR Psychologist I am not even being called for interviews for a possible position in a school. I applied to more than 30 schools throughout the city and have not been called for even one interview. In addition, if I do not secure a new job by 9/12, I will be sent to a new school each week. However, as a psychologist you need to have access to SESIS to write Psychological and Educational reports and IEPs. You cannot get access unless you are on that school's payroll. Therefore, you can only test and not even get credit for your work, because you will have to write the reports and IEPs under the in house psychologist's name. That psychologist will be getting credit for your work. In addition, I am still being paid a top salary, but the DOE is hiring new graduates out of school instead of giving me back a permanent assignment. I am an experienced, professional psychologist with excellent working skills, who was excessed due to fact that I do not speak Spanish. Does this make any sense?

  7. It makes perfect sense. The DOE is trying to frustrate you to the point of retiring, at which point they will be able to hire 3 rookie psychologists for the price of your one salary. Will the students be better served by these inexperienced novices? Probably not, but children are NOT first in the DOE.