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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

News Flash: Teachers in Absent Teacher Reserve (ATRs) are misused

I know two ATRs who work in the same high school.  Sam is a real expert on European history; Ed is an experienced math teacher. So what happened recently when a social studies teacher and a math teacher were absent on the same day?  You guessed it: Sam got the math classes and Ed got the social studies, and the students got cheated.

Then there was the woman who was an excellent special education teacher for kindergarten and first grade.  When she was excessed and became an ATR, where was she sent to cover classes?  To a junior high-school, of course. 

In a similar vein, here's a little item from the latest edition of the New York Teacher:

Sharon Kennedy, a librarian at PS/IS 325 in East New

York, was excessed last year and is now teaching 6th

grade as an ATR in Brooklyn while a teacher runs the

school’s library.

Listen, why worry?  The DOE's motto is Children First, so all this must be for the benefit of the children.  

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