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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Breaking News: NYC Teachers Agree to Pay Cut!

"What?!  Pay cut?!  Didn't I hear that the city budget was balanced by merely agreeing to suspend sabbaticals and to deploy ATRs more efficiently?"

You heard correctly, but not completely.  The UFT reported today that teachers will not be receiving any money this coming year to purchase supplies.  The Teacher's Choice program, which has been providing teachers with money to purchase classroom supplies since the 1980's, has fallen victim to New York City's budget woes. 

Last year, each teacher received $110 in Teacher's Choice funding (already down from $220 in some previous years.)  This year, teachers will have to reach into their own pockets to buy the hundred-and-one little things that make a classroom functional and fun.

In effect, every teacher will endure a $110 pay cut during school year 2011-2012.  It doesn't sound like much to a hedge-fund manager--which is why maybe one of those guys should pony up and bring Teacher's Choice back to life.   

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