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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Chris Christie Loves Unions--Really!

New Jersey's Governor Chris Christie recently tweeted:

        There is only 1 union I like & that's me and Mary Pat, at
       the Shore, on the beach, in my Speedo.

     Is that really so, Mr. Governor?  I bet there are plenty of unions that you love.

*Don't you love corporations, which are unions for
making profit?

*Don't you love the State of NJ, which is a union for maintaining order and promoting the public well-

*Don't you love the team (that is, the union) that you
led that thwarted terrorists' plans to attack our military men and women at Fort Dix? (Your official website says that you are proud of that--and you should be.)

Don't you love the law firm (that is, the union of  lawyers) of Dughi, Hewit & Palatuccie, where you learned how to litigate?

     Mr. Governor, you really do love unions.  And if businesspeople can unionize for strength, and lawyers can unionize for strength, and terrorism-fighters can unionize for strength--THEN TEACHERS AND OTHER PUBLIC EMPLOYEES CAN UNIONIZE FOR STRENGTH AS WELL.


  1. There's just one problem with this comparison - all the other unions you mentioned exist to carry out their member's primary function.

    Employee unions, on the other hand, are generally for the purpose of uniting against their employer, using the threat of NOT doing their job, to gain benefits for themselves.

  2. My union, the UFT, does a tremendous amount to help teachers do their jobs more professionally; I suggest you take a look at their website:
    More important, though, is this: In a world where organization means strength (in business, in law, in politics) it is absurd to insist that working people, out of all the other interests, should be denied the right to organize.